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    Endure: How to Work Hard, Outlast, and Keep Hammering

    People say that a strongly built body is needed in order to work hard and in most situations the thing looks true as well. Originally that is not the case, the real thing is that a strong mind is needed to endure hardship. Cameron Hanes has narrated the story too along with writing it of course. In narration Cameron has taken the help of David Goggins and Joe Rogan.

    The author talks about his personal experiences in life as the book goes on. Cameron is of the view that the only thing which is stopping us from progressing is our own mind. We think that we don’t have the potential of doing a thing and instead of taking a risk we just back down from the challenge. This is where we go wrong in life, we have to strive for our goals and should not think negatively for ourselves.


    Cameron wanted to become a bowhunter of wild elk and he didn’t want to become an ordinary hunter rather he wanted to be the best in the profession. For this he needed expertise in archery which he didn’t possess initially. The thing was not easy, firstly the need was to build the body properly for the thing. For many years Cameron worked on his physical fitness and made his muscles strong for the hunt.

    Running long miles every day was not an easy task and it was not Cameron’s body that was supporting him rather it was his mind that was committed. Finding Me  type of characteristics can be observed in the novel. One has to find that inner passion if he wants to go ahead in life.

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