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    Napoleon is a beautiful book written by Andrew Roberts. It is a biography/ memoir based on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Who isn’t familiar with the name of Napoleon, but the way, Andrew Roberts has presented Napoleon in this chapter, it will definitely be something new for everyone. John Lee has done the narration of this novel, which is quite an interesting one with his exceptional quality voice and tone. A couple of his history related books, which you must consider in their audio book format are: The Storm of War and Leadership in War.


    The battles of greatest soldier-statesman ever in the history are among the finest stories from the rich history of this world. But, Napoleon was a lot more than just a military genius. Like his own hero Julius Caesar and George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the most significant soldier-statesmen in the entire history.

    This chapter is a one volume book on the great personality of Napoleon Bonaparte. The author here was excellent with his research and fully maximized the recent publication that had the collection of 33,000 letters of Napoleon.

    This book would fundamentally transmute our very understanding of the motivation and character of Napoleon. This book will introduce Napoleon Bonaparte as decisive, a protean multitasker, willing to forgive all his enemies, which also includes Josephine, his errant wife. His memoirs from his exile terms in St. Helena are really inspiring and will give you goosebumps.


    Andrew Roberts is obsessed with history and this passion is fully maximized in his literary writing. He chooses to write some really amazing biographies of some significant personalities and also tried his pen on some really inspiring events or eras from the past.

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