Uncharted Waters


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    This is actually a short story by Sally Hepworth but doesn’t think that it will end in a flash. This book has equal worth to that of The Good Sister or Getaway because the story is solidly built. Hepworth has never worked on a weak story and that has been the real thing for him. Candice Moll had to narrate two female characters with bit different personalities so it was a challenging task for her. The two female characters had different personalities but they seem to have the same issues in their lives because of this they become fast friends after the first meeting.

    Uncharted Waters

    Ella has been living with her husband for many years and it is always her husband who plans an outdoor trip every now and then. Ella’s husband makes her relax even when there are a lot of people around. This time her husband wasn’t able to make it and he asks Ella to enjoy herself on her own for a while and he will catch up later on. It was hard to tackle and then Ella met Chloe. Chloe had recently taken divorce and she was all alone, perhaps she was looking for some company and

    Ella provided her with what she needed. When the two women started hanging out together they realized that they were facing certain common issues in their lives. The company which they provided to each other was ample for them and they started talking about things that they have kept hidden from everyone previously. After a while the listener gets the hint that perhaps Chloe wasn’t the only one who was looking for company in her life, Ella was also lonely. Although Ella had a husband who used to take care of her there was something missing.

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