Kings of Anarchy


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    Time for the coronation has come after a hard struggle, it cannot be said that the girl has been through a lot of tragedies because she was enjoying on most occasions. Getting tangled in love affairs on many occasions she has also enjoyed the good vibes too so one cannot say that she has been tortured all the time. Kings of Quarantine had some tragedies when Tatum was left all alone and she was facing difficulty in understanding the purpose of her father due to which he hid many secrets in her.

    Now those things are a matter of the past because she is going to start a new chapter of her life in which she will have the dominating role. Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti showed these attentions of their main character during Kings of Lockdown and in this episode she is implementing on her plans.

    The monsters that have been around her for a while think of her as a slave who is there to obey them and that’s all but they are wrong in all of their calculations. Tatum was actually waiting for the right time and was calculating their weaknesses and the temptations which can lure them towards their death.

    Kings of Anarchy

    Now the time is perfect for her to tame the monsters around her and also the monsters present inside her. She is not a weak girl and possesses the power to take on any devil who comes in the path. It is the rise of the Queen and the kings will fall at her feet when she will get the job done in her own style. Don’t forget to listen to the end narrated brilliantly by Bridget Bordeaux and Jake Bordeaux.

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    Kings of Lockdown

    Queen of Quarantine


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