The Enchantress Returns


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    The Land of Stories, Book 2

    Chris Colfer takes us back to the world of stories that he created in The Land of Stories with Alex and Conner going into the world of fairy tales. Getting into the land of stories was easy but coming out was like hell. Returning from that strange land the twins have never tried to return back to it again. Though they enjoyed it but they don’t want to create any trouble for their mother who always remains worried about them. In the land of stories an old demon has awakened i.e the enchantress.

    The enchantress was responsible for the deep sleep of the Sleeping Beauty and now she wants revenge from the twins of the other world. Instead of attacking the two directly she takes their mother with her to the land of stories.

    Grandmother of Alex and Conner stops them from taking the risk but they just cannot leave their mother in the hands of the demon. Also as the two go deeper in investigation they come to know that if they don’t jump back into the magic world the whole world would be destroyed. After all it is their duty to protect the land of magic and their mother at any cost.

    The Enchantress Returns

    Second novel is more thrilling than the first one but Chris Colfer has not brought any change in the narrating style of his. Children like Chris’ style of narrating stories so he hasn’t tried to change it. The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms is the next part after this novel and one thing is for sure i.e fate has something big in store for the twins.

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