Wings of the Storm


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    The author of the series, Giles Kristian started the series with the ultimate tragedies and since then all the sympathies of the fans are with the hero. Sigurd lost his family at the beginning and he was left with no other choice except to fight back against the injustice. First, he gathered a group of warriors which increased to a large extent after they saw the bald of Odin in his hand.

    Phillip Stevens narrated God of Vengeance and Winter’s Fire which were awesome so the narrator has remained the same here. Sigurd has won a lot of fame in the first two parts but still, we see that the job of this young warrior has remained incomplete. Though many people have joined Sigurd he has yet to create an army of his own.

    Wings of the Storm

    More wealth and strength are needed in order to confront a king who has everything in his grasp. Sigurd has proved from the beginning that Odin is on his side and that god has favored him on all occasions. This is one reason why the people are ready to believe in Sigurd but there seems to be another god who does not like this young warrior and the name of that god is Loki. Loki has played tricks with the band of heroes from the beginning and his final trick lands Sigurd in a dark pit.

    Sigurd is captured and the young hero is transformed into a slave after which his hopes of vengeance grow weak. Finally, the tables are turned when Sigurd gets the blade of Odin in his hands and gets ready to face anyone who comes in the way.

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