A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder


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    Bailey Carr, Robert Fass, Kevin R. Free, Carol Monda, and Amanda Thickpenny have played their role in the narration of this book. These narrators seem to be more than enough for a single book but each and every one of them has played his or her role superbly. Holly Jackson has selected such names for her books that appeal to the audience right from their title. Good Girl, Bad Blood, and As Good as Dead is other parts of this series and they prove the point by their titles.

    The story is actually a murder mystery as is clear by the name. This is about a murder which took place many years ago and everybody in the town thinks that the police caught the right man. It was Sal Singh who killed his girlfriend Andie Bell after which he tried to run away from the scene but the police caught him within no time.

    A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

    So after the criminal was arrested, the people of the town just stopped investigating the entire issue. Pip never believed that story because she knew Sal when she was a little girl and the boy was really kind to everyone in general.

    When Pip returns to the town as an investigator, she decides to reopen the case in order to investigate all of the clues a little deeper. When the clues are arranged again, Pip finds out that there are many loopholes in the case. Also when Pip decides to go on with the case, she finds her own life on the line because there are people in the town who don’t want to see Sal Singh out of prison.

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