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    Closer is a mystery thriller novel by K. L. Slater. She is a worthy author of mystery, thriller, and suspense novels. If you want to enjoy some really good literary stuff from the author then Missing novel can be relied on. The Silent One is another outstanding chapter from the author that the listeners will like for sure.

    The narration of the Closer audio novel is done by Lucy Price-Lewis and she has been quite outstanding with her accent, expression, and tonal quality.

    I knew my daughter a lot better than I knew about myself. At that moment, if there was one thing I knew for sure at this moment is that Masie was not okay.

    Shaun was my ex-husband and we were still good friends. We could do anything for Maisie, who was our beautiful daughter. But then Shaun moved in with Joanne and that changed the life of Maisie as all of a sudden she had a new family to live with. But there was something not right about that at all.

    I know that Joanne was not everything wat she says she was. But nobody would listen. I needed to find out what secret she was hiding. If I don’t do that then my daughter Maisie could be in big trouble or perhaps great danger.


    Closer is a typical novel by K. L. Slater as it is very slow to start with a boring story and then it picked up the pace much later and ended brilliantly. This means that you shouldn’t lose hope at the start and just wait for some really good things to start to happen in this novel.

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