Scourge of Souls


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The fourth and concluding chapter finally approaches as Gryph reaches the final destination. C.M Carney has presented Gryph as a frustrated person at the beginning of this book. He mourns on his decisions and curses himself that he should never have taken the headship. He also cries on the death of his dear friend and starts to convince himself that he would never be able to find his sister in these realms.

Just when we find our hero falling into the pit of hopelessness a ray of hope changes everything. Gryph and his friends start a new quest altogether a quest to hunt down the crime syndicate. They hunt the bounty hunters one after the other in order to reach their leader and the irony strikes the crew that shatters everything. The leader of the syndicate and the goddess with deadly touch proves to be none other than Brynn, the lady they were looking for since the beginning.

Scourge of Souls

Gryph proves to be successful at first in finding his sister but then he realizes that she has no past memories. In order to help his sister in getting her true self, the Gryph had to fight each and every demon present in the realm. The stakes are quite high for the hero this time. If he loses, he and his sister will not only lose their lives but also their souls as well. Losing souls means feeling the pain of death for the whole eternity.

The book finally solves the riddle of the missing Brynn that was left incomplete in Barrow King and The Lost City: An Epic LitRPG Adventure. The fabulous narration of Armen Taylor finally ends the saga in high tone and leaves an everlasting impact on our ears.


Words of Radiance

Killing Time-Realms


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    1. This has dropped in quality. Lex has become a poor excuse for comedy. He suddenly became an Italian wise guy?? He was very much Griff in the last book, Now he is just an over the top distraction. Sad..


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