Night of Knives


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    The first novel of the series by Ian C. Esslemont depicts the picture of the island of Malaz which is one of the most peaceful places in the world. No one has ever tried to disturb that peace because the empire has no enemies. This year it is different because the Shadow Moon is going to appear which means that demons will appear on the island and no one would be safe from them. The demons will spare no one so everyone is trying to hide behind locked doors which might not be enough in the end.

    The demons are not the only thing that is coming to the land, there is also a threat that Emperor Kellanved is returning to the world after hundreds of years and he wants to reclaim his thrown. If the prophecy is true then no one would be safe and not only the island rather the entire world would be in danger. A group of heroes is planning to stop this invasion by any means possible because they are not going to allow their kingdom to slip out of their hands that easily.

    Night of Knives

    Dancer’s Lament is another superb story but prefers this one because this is the beginning of the series and all the details are here. Stonewielder is also in stock and it can decorate your library too. In the voice of John Banks, we listen to the introduction of the two characters named Temper and Kiska. They wanted an escape from this world of war, ironically they find themselves at the center of the entire campaign. The fate of the land happens to be in the hands of these two individuals and they are unaware of it.

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