Killing Time-Realms


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The trilogy completes in a big way as C.M. Carney takes us to the other side of the main quest. This time the writer starts telling us about Lex. Lex was the one who started the mission in the realms with his good friend Gryph so that he can save his sister. Unluckily he was separated from his friend in the first realm. Thus he was left trapped in the same span of time in which he was forced to live the same first day again and again. The repetition of the same day makes his life living hell.

This is for the first time we are told that the role of Lex is not that of a minor character. From the first two parts, we get the hint that he was of not much importance. As he was not the one who was talked about in Barrow King and The Lost City: An Epic LitRPG Adventure in detail.

He also had no significant part in the past but this time he is given a special task. A task which if not fulfilled would cause the destruction of the whole realms. Thus Lex is once again with an opportunity to help his dear friend Gryph.

Killing Time-Realms

Thus he can play a role in his quest by killing the agent of a despotic god. In this way, he would be able to reach his friend once again and would also be able to save the realms from a deadly ending. A hero on the rise is what this part is all about as Lex starts knowing more and more about his powers.

As far as the narration is concerned we meet Armen Taylor as a more polished narrator who has eradicated the weaknesses that were there in the narration department in the previous parts.


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