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    Oathbringer is the 3rd chapter of the Stormlight Archive, which has many sequels and a couple of successful prequels as well. It is a series based on science fiction genre and each and every story is a gem for the book lovers.

    Kate Reading along with Michael Kramer has given the narration of Oathbringer, which by all means was a successful attempt and received great praise and appreciation by the general audience. It is a long novel and its audio book span for 55 hours. But, it has no dull moment and you will be entertained and deeply involved with the novel right through its length.

    Humanity is at stake and faces an altogether new Desolation with the Voidbringers return, which was actually a foe with some numbers that are as great as their need for vengeance.


    The armies of Alethi managed to won a fleeting victory, but this success came at a very hefty cost. Parshendi, the enemy called upon the violent Everstorm, which is now threatening to sweep the world with massive destruction and with its passing, it awakens the subservient and once peaceful Parshmen to an extreme horror state. Kaladin Stormblessed is bound to come to terms with the fact that the novice kindled anger of the Parshmen probably would be wholly justified.


    Shallan Davar goes on to investigate the ancient stronghold wonders that belongs to the Knights Radiant and at the same time, unearth all the hidden dark secrets that are lurking way down its depths. This was a daunting task ahead.

    The Way of Kings and Arcanum Unbounded: The Cosmere Collection are other science fiction fantasy novels that are masterfully written by Brandon Sanderson.


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    Killing Time-Realms

    The Way of Kings


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