The Courts of Chaos


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    Alessandro Juliani’s job as a narrator is finished with this book, he was hired for the first five and now this one ends the Corwin cycle. Narration had no errors or weaknesses and perhaps the next five could have been given to Alessandro Juliani’s. Corwin thought that his brother was his biggest enemy and rival as he stole the Jewel of Judgment in order to change the universe in The Hand of Oberon . Later Corwin was able to retrieve the jewel from his mad brother and though that his troubles were over but it was not the case.

    He had an enemy with him all the time and he was unaware of it. His best friend deceived him and took the jewel from him, then comes the revelation of his friend’s identity. It was actually Corwin’s father who was with him in disguise and he takes the jewel because he wants to send Corwin on another mission. With the end of the first cycle new things will evolve now and surely no merriments are there yet for Corwin and the people who are with him.

    The Courts of Chaos

    Each part till now had its own flavor for example Sign of the Unicorn had suspense and then there were others that had action, treachery and revelation of secrets. It would be a tough task for the new narrator too in the sixth part because the regular listeners were quite used to Juliani’s voice. Whoever will take the narrator’s job would have to follow approximately the same patter. Roger Zelazny does not look ready to bring dramatic changes he has just divided the series to provide the audience some space to think.

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