Practicing the Power of Now



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    This is a nonfictional novel, which is essentially based on motivation, inspiration and self-development. It is written masterfully by Eckhart Tolle, which went on to become quite an inspirational piece of writing for many of its followers. Eckhart Tolle himself has done the narration of this novel, where this all-round performance was quite a good combination.

    All you really supposed to do is to go and accept the moment fully. This will then help you to get at ease in there and at the same time, at ease with your own self too.

    Practicing the Power of Now

    All through the spiritual classic titles as The Power of Now, there are a number of particular practices and then a few clear keys as well, which shows us the way to discover the ease, grace and lightness for our own-selves. I tis something significant that only comes when we go on to quiet our thoughts and see in front of us the world in its very moment.

    Practicing the Power of Now is a special and a very carefully arranged nonfictional series of excerpts, which are extracted from the Power of Now novel. The latter directly provides us with all those keys and exercises that we need.

    Eckhart Tolle is a German born Canadian and is a renowned spiritual teacher. His deep insights into society and social issues made him quite relevant as a motivator and an inspirational writer. There are plenty of his masterpieces, which you can find and explore to know how brilliant he is with his imagination and how beautifully he conveys his thoughts. You should check out more books from the author and some of the most prominent ones are The Journey Into Yourself and The Power of Now.


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