Earth Lost

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Nothing left apparently on the surface of the earth, not even humans who once used to rule in their might style. Still the remains are there and the humans too living in the ruins planning and plotting against the evil that once took them by surprise at the start of Earth Alone.

Now they have trained themselves and have seen the full strength of their enemies. They know what their enemies are capable of and what they can do to them within no time. Marco Emery and his platoon were among the few lucky ones that survived against the enemy for long enough that the enemy had to retreat.

But that was just the first round and the creatures that are called the scum is not resting at all. The scum are the creatures that don’t rest at all because they never get tired of fighting; they enjoy killing humans and then collecting their bodies. No one knows why they kill the humans but one thing is for sure that they will not rest until they have slaughtered the last one of the human race.

Marco takes his platoon to the darkness now for the second venture; they know that the enemy will follow them in the outer space because they have defeated it on the earth and now it is coming after them. This is the also the only way they are left with to save the earth by taking the enemy far away in space and trying to lose it after that. The author Daniel Arenson and the narrator Jeffrey Kafer paints and narrates better than before, now the stage is set for the completion of the trilogy.

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