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    The position is cemented for Shanti as the chosen on for the protection of the land and its people but the task is not an easy one as danger is coming from all sides. The hunter whom she deceived once, the tyrant of the land and a new evil power that emerges on the land all are against her. The part is like an amalgam of the first three parts Chosen, Hunted and Shadow Lands.

    All the evils in those three novels combine this time making Shanti’s life a living hell. More to her displeasure the tribe does not have their mental powers anymore and thus they cannot defend themselves in any disastrous situation that might occur at any moment. One option for them is to remain hiding behind the walls but this can just delay their fate that appears to be death in the grim circumstances that surround them.


    K.F. Breene gave this turn to the series so that Shanti instead of using her magical powers start planning like an intelligent leader for her people. Fighting is no more an option for her as her forces lack the capacity but then there are always ways to defeat your enemies especially if you have people like Cayan with you.

    The narration appears to be a bit sluggish this time because there were too many characters for Caitlin Davies this time. The tempo was restored towards the climax and the sluggishness was overcome by the extra energy that the narrator puts in the climax scenes.

    It appears that the narrator also realized the error and then improved it in the later stages.

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