LibriVox 14th Anniversary Collection



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    Gathered within this anthology lies a literary treasure trove, a testament to the enduring legacy of the written word. With the passage of time, these creations have transitioned into the public domain, awaiting rediscovery by modern readers and listeners. As we celebrate the 14th anniversary of LibriVox, a symphony of voices converges to breathe life into works bearing titles or subtitles that proudly display the numeral 14, or the enchanting words “fourteen” and “fourteenth.”

    LibriVox 14th Anniversary Collection

    Guided by the deft hand of KevinS, this collection serves as an homage to the ever-evolving spirit of LibriVox. Like a constellation of literary stars, these pieces illuminate the literary firmament with their individual brilliance. Spanning genres and eras, they capture the essence of human creativity, a timeless testament to the power of storytelling.

    As each word is lovingly spoken by dedicated volunteers, the echoes of these works resonate anew, bridging the expanse between past and present. With this collection, listeners traverse the corridors of history, led by the guiding voices of volunteers who embody the spirit of LibriVox’s unwavering dedication to the world of literature.

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