The Legend of Randidly Ghosthound 4



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    After the chaos on Tellus, the world of the spear users, Randidly Ghosthound returns to Earth needing time to recover and heal.

    Randidly’s Skills have grown rapidly, keeping him far ahead of anyone on his home planet. Yet the System continues its own methodical advancement, meaning Randidly has no time for the rest he requires.

    Zone 32 now hosts two Champions – individuals provided by the System who can teach unique Skills to their followers. On one side, wreathed in green light, is the Wild Rider. Opposite her stands the stark and intimidating Skeleton Knight. The previously isolated populations come together, clustering around these two figures.

    By the time word reaches Randidly that his friends Ace and Sydney still live, a harsh truth is revealed: ultimately, there can only be one Champion of Zone 32.

    An even larger decision looms on the horizon. To stay ahead of the curve and create a miracle, Randidly can only think of one possibility – finally obtaining his own Class, forged by his own hands rather than a Village Spirit.

    This is the fourth book in the hit LitRPG fantasy series with over 50 million views on Royal Road.

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