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Blowout is a nonfiction book written by Rachel Maddow. The writer excels in economics related talks and specifically economics related with the rogue state of Russia and corrupted democracy. The blowout also has mentions about the richest and the most destructive industry of all on earth. The writer, Rachel Maddow is also the narrator of this book and have done a good job by both the writer and narrator of this book.

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The ‘earthquake-swarm” became a buzz in Oklahoma in the year, 2010. The same year, the famous pop singer and performer, Michael Jackson’s memorabilia trove along with his iconic white glove got auctioned for an amount well over $1 million. The guy who won it in the auction was the forestry minister of the Equatorial Guinea, which is a very small country.

In 2014, the revolutionaries in Ukraine raided the palace of their overthrown president and discovered a zoo full of peacocks, floating restaurant and gilded toilets based on Spanish galleon as well. Maddow finds all this to be linked with some crooked sources.

The writer Rachel Maddow is known for her signature black humor. She beautifully revealed the endless greed of some influential people and highlighted their incompetence too. Her main intention was to draw attention of her followers to the reasons that why the U.S. election of 2016 were hacked by the Russian government.

The rime agenda of the writer is to highlight the importance to stop the process of subsidizing the flushest businesses in the entire world and how does they actually matter.

Drift is another powerful and widely read book by Rachel Maddow. Drift is also a nonfictional book and more about politics.


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