The End of All Things


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    Finally the saga winds up in a big way; throughout the series the human race had one motive i.e to find life on other planets and in other species as well. As the human species itself is coming to an end thus it tries to find solution in order to cure its future in doing so they fight many battles as well. Now they are exhausted and the people of the earth are not helping the Colonial Union any more, though it protected the earth for a long time but now the human race is fed up.


    The colonial union is getting weaker day by day as no one is aiding it and with its weakness the strength of the enemy increase. The invading aliens have been waiting for decades for a time when the union is no more and they can get hold of the mother earth.  There are however other threats from within, some of the people from earth are becoming a cause of fights between the aliens and the humans. There are attacks on the union as well of which no one knows anything. It is a hidden enemy they union fights this time and there is pure pessimism in the air.

    The End of All Things

    We have never seen such hopeless situation in any of the parts, though there were some signs in The Human Division and  The Last Colony  but no one expected that the heroes will fall in such a way. John Scalzi surely has created a feeling of awe in the public and because of this there is more than one narrator for the job this time. Tavia Gilbert, William Dufris and the writer himself has taken part in narrating this heart touching part.

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