The Last Colony

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The old man returns to the game once again as the trilogy takes us once again to John Perry and his newly settled life with his new wife. John has retired after a long fighting life at his old age and luckily he survived all the human drama in outer space as well. He is now the ombudsman of the village in which he is living because of his vast experience he proves to be a good guide and judge for the people.

Jane Sagan has been his colleague in the army and after many years of working together she found in him a man she has always been looking for. The life has finally settled for these two as the farm several acres of land without any worry and to their joy they have adopted a daughter as well that has made their life much blessed than ever before.

However your past never lets you live free and you cannot run away from your original. Both John and his wife Jane are once again summoned for duty for a special purpose as they are the one who are looking after the sole human community.

The war appears to be starting once again and more dangerous enemies are about to come on the scene. It is clear from this chapter that John Scalzi is intentionally taking the story much further because he never wanted to end it on a trilogy. In Old Man’s War most of the people thought that the series with an old man would end within no time but the writer has surely proved them wrong. William Dufris’s narration is getting well with the flow of the tale and it is good to see that the narrator is keeping the sensation alive.



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