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Boy’s Life

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Boy’s life is a story that could grab you for a while and can influence your mind forever. Robert R. McCammon describes the life of a boy who spends most of his time in an imaginative world of his dreams in which everything happens according to his desires. A sudden calamity makes him realize that life something quite tough and that we cannot run from realities of life forever as they haunt us and suddenly we observe that the life of daydreaming is over and we have to face the bitter truth.


Cory was only eleven when he was struck by such a situation in which his happy world of fantasy was destroyed in one single blow. Cory and his father saw a car accident in which the car dropped into the lake and as they tried to save the injured Cory’s father is stuck in the haunting vision that takes away his sanity and he starts living like a haunting soul. Cory the eleven years old has to do everything that it takes to bring his father back to a normal life but that’s not easy as he first thinks of it, he explores a past related to his town, a past that was hidden from him for so long and all of a sudden the imaginative world full of good things and nice dreams is gone and is replaced by the visions of good and evil that Cory all of a sudden starts to understand, he comes to know about the clan of moonshiners and other related aspects.

Boy’s Life

The sudden twist in the story is wonderful and the boy is not a teenager even which make us a bit sympathetic towards him as he faces something that is beyond his understanding at first but later he gets hold of the situation as there is no other way left for him. George Newbern’s narration slowly mingles with the tale as it starts in a plain manner but catches up well in the later stages.      

Readers also have liked the Son of the Black Sword (Saga of the Forgotten Warrior #1) – Larry Correia and Ghost-in-Law Mudbug Series bks 1 – 6 – Jana DeLeon that truly offers a unique story for those who want to know the unknown.

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