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Ian Ludlow performed a wonder in the first book where he uncovered the plane crash accident and proved that it was preplanned by a group that is coming with more destruction. Now one thing is clear that the writer of True Fiction stands between the enemy and its goal. Before the execution of any of the new plans the enemy has to get rid of him because he can guess everything about the happenings.

The more novels Ian creates now the more tough his life becomes but that is not the issue of the CIA, all the young agents want, is the latest copy of his fictional work that would come true in the coming days.

Even the scenes and the placement of the criminals are present accurately in Ian’s book and looks like he can peek into the enemy’s mind before he takes the next step. Along with Margo Ian goes to inspect the conspiracy linked to China in this new adventure written by Lee Goldberg. The Chinese in the story are well aware of Ian’s talent and they think that he is one of the CIA’s agents.

Becoming the prime targets once again Ian and Margo run for their life and they hope that they might be able to reach the end and change it. Adam Verner is again in the cool and calm way in narration and the narrator is not trying to overdo which is a good thing. In Fake Truth however, the next book in the line the narrator can bring some more energy in the chase scenes and this is just to entertain the audience a little more the rest is fine work by Adam.

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    True Fiction

    Fake Truth


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