The Witches of New York


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    The Witches of New York is the opening chapter of the saga with the same title. It is a contemporary science fiction novel written by Ami McKay in a flawless manner. Julia Whelan as a narrator has done a quality job with her soulful voice and exceptional tonal quality.

    The story is set in New York of 1880. It was an awesome place then, which was fully alive with curiosity and wonder. The residents of the city with great determination to know about the truth of the world willingly engaged themselves in both the spiritualist pursuits and scientific investigation as well.

    Séances is actually known as the ultimate entertainment in the elite social circles and also for a number of enterprising women.  Some of them were possessed with intuitive powers, while some were god gifted with the special art of performance.

    The Witches of New York

    There comes the entry of Eleanor St. Clair and Adelaide Thom. Right in their humble tea shop, Sympathy and Tea, use to facilitate visitors with a place to make fully confidential confessions in whispers. It was also the place for people for their secret cures and also for the divine trysts for the exclusive society of women.

    These women are the one who only speak the right thing and always come up with valid and legitimate questions.  But the profile of both Sympathy and Tea is just at the verge of changing with the arrival of none other than Beatrice Dunn.

    Half Spent Was the Night is another powerful novel written by Ami McKay. Considering its quality of storyline, depth of characters and brilliant performance, it is definitely another must listen audio book of the author.




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