The White Mage Omnibus: Books 1-3


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    The White Mage Omnibus: The White Mage Saga, Book 1-3

    Getting three books in a single binding is like a dream coming true. Most of the time we have to wait for a long time for the next part of a series and this thing happens to be quite painful. Well this series will not trouble any of the fans because Ben Hale has provided three in one. Lovely voice of Derek Perkins starts narrating the first book about the world of mages. The world of mages turn into a human world as the mages go into the hiding. People completely forget about the mages but this does not mean that they don’t exist.

    The White Mage Omnibus: Books 1-3

    Behind a veil the magic still existed and when the dark side starts rising again, the humans need the help of the mages once again. Second book tells us about the Sword of Elseerian which can be used to open the door to the dark side. The Dark has been waiting for this time for centuries and now is the right time to invade and conquer. The Oracle stands in the way of the dark side and with her allies she is willing to accomplish the impossible.

    The White Mage Omnibus: Books 1-3

    The Dark was trapped behind the doors locked with a strange kind of magic and the first two parts showed how the Oracle was trying to keep it there. Now the Dark is finally unleashed and the mages along with the human beings have no way out of this mess. The Dark wants to enslave everyone and only one person stands in the way. The Rogue Mage and Warsworn: The Complete Trilogy are approximately with the same kind of incidents but the theme varies from one series to another.

    The White Mage Omnibus The White Mage Omnibus

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