The Bride Test


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    Helen Hoang is always with the troubles cases or according to some the author presents hopeless cases and the tries to change them through the spice of love. Khai Diep was never in search of a girl and that became a big problem for her mother when her son’s habits started to become more predictable. Khai’s mother knew that if something is not done quickly her son would remain isolated for the rest of his life.

    The man is perfect in all the other affairs of his life but when it comes to women he does not feel very comfortable. Khai faced autism when he was a child and his mother is convinced that he still has that issue in his subconscious, that’s why he feels and sees things differently. In her search of a bride Khai’s mother goes to Vietnam and finally finds Esme Tran who shows readiness for the experiment.

    The Bride Test

    Esme wanted to change her life just like Stella in The Kiss Quotient and she thought that it would be easy because seducing an American boy could not be that tough. But when she met the man whose mind could not process even the word love she starts thinking of a return rather than pounding her head against a wall.

    The more she tries less responsive the man becomes and Emily Woo Zeller gives the girl such a voice that the listener starts feeling pity for her. Esme starts struggling with her own technique of attracting men and then she realizes that she is in need of a different technique altogether for this strange type of a man.

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