Wild Cards II: Aces High


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    Luke Daniels narrates the second part of the series that tells us about the lucky survivors, not only these lucky ones survived but they received super human strength too. Wild Cards I told us all about the attack of the virus and its good and bad effects on the human world. Most of the humans received only death in the form of this virus but then the story moves to the rare ones. George R.R.Martin, Pat Cadigan, Lewis Shiner, Roger Zelazny and Walter Jon Williams create this second part quite awesomely.

    Wild Cards II: Aces High

    The authors tell us about the different abilities that the rare ones develop after they are attacked or infected by the virus. Another problem however also arises, not all the people with super human strength start acting heroically there are some who start taking advantage. Human race that has now perished can be tamed very easily as it has become defenseless.

    So some villains want to gain control over the whole of earth but then the heroes start to work against them and another war scenario develops. However this time the war has conspiracies in it and it looks more like A Game of Thrones where there are hidden enemies that can stab you anytime. Quite engaging series and each of the writers have shown their flavor in the creation of these two books.

    There was a new name this time in the author’s list i.e Roger Zelazny and that’s why the element of suspense was better portrayed and was the highlight of the book. Eyes are set for the third book were conspiracies will open up in front of everyone and perhaps not many will survive after that.

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