Shores of Despair



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    Shores of Despair

    Zombie Fallout, Book 20 By Mark Tufo


    Michael Talbot and his crew are sailing happily along aboard their nuclear aircraft carrier, The USS Jimmy Carter, building an ideal community, saving the planet from zombies and madmen in ports far and wide and…nope. That’s some other book. The gang’s out to sea alright, but under the worst possible meaning of the phrase.

    Vague rumors of budding discord now take an ugly, violent turn, pitting the squad against mutineers and malcontents from every sector, and some of the plotters are from Talbot’s own House.

    What’s worse than a bloody uprising at sea? Zombies! Though command assures us they have everything under control, total Hell breaks loose as Colonel Eastman’s secret pets mutate, escape, and wreak murderous havoc on all decks.

    These new monsters are smart and nearly impossible to kill. The carrier and crew can no longer survive the brutal assault on it from both sides. Can the Talbot gang possibly overcome battling terrorists, super-zombies, and a hopelessly damaged ship?

    As the Demi-Goddess Poena has been known to say: “Let’s throw a hurricane down upon them.”

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