Island of Glass


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    Island of Glass is the 3rd and final novel in The Guardians Trilogy. It is skillfully written by Nora Roberts and the novel and the series is a romantic fantasy with a super exciting story. Saskia Maarleveld has given the narration of this novel, where her performance was all praises by critics and as well as general audience.

    Just when the quest for the Star of Ice tops the 6 guardians to Ireland, Doyle, he was destined then to face his horrific past. As much as 3 centuries ago, he shuts off his heart, yet his spirit of that of a warrior is still being strained to the wild. Then, there is nobody who is more familiar than Riley with the wild and also the wolf that is within her.

    Island of Glass

    Riley, an archeologist is no stranger to the Clare Coast, but now she discovers herself over the uncertain footing, and got hot by the dark goddess, who is looking for a lot more than just the stars. The desire was far more than having only the blood of guardians. While going through the entire Irish history for the sake of getting clues, which will take them to the mysterious Glass Island and the final star, Riley should look to battle with her practical nature and admit to her quick attraction to Doyle is more of a love type, rather than a fling. This is all his strength, which manages to sustain her and also gives her the much needed power to run and find the love, and eventually, save them all.

    Public Secrets and The Obsession novels are also authored by Nora Roberts, which are highly demanding by fans of Nora Roberts.


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