The Path of Heaven


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    No one seems to be in the favor of war, everyone entered the war zone as thinking of it as a final solution to the rising problem but then the war became unending in War Without End.  Continuous fighting has now exhausted all who have been a part of it. Resources have not been an issue in the war it is the time that war has consumed and has tested the patience of every leader.

    Vth Legion was never a war supporting region and the Legion had no awareness of the tragedies that were taking place all around because of Horus. Then suddenly the devil and its evil fell on them, Jaghatai Khan launched the counter attack without thinking for a second time and the region joined the battle that had already engulfed the entire galaxy.

    The Path of Heaven

    Chris Wraight in the 36th part paints the Legion as the one that does not want war anymore. Not that they fighters have become cowards but because of the fact that the war has taken too long for its final disposition. Death Guard just appears to be an unstoppable force that would win the war after tiring the opponent down.

    Terra the place where everyone is uniting for the final war with the enemy is the choice made by Jaghatai Khan and he too starts towards Terra that according to many in the galaxy is a doomed place now. Others think that the doomed appearance is only a camouflage built in order to keep the Warmaster away from the main compound. John Banks hold it tight while narrating this novel that gives the feeling of dejection and hope.

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