War Without End

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It is just an awesome title and can be given to the whole series as a secondary name because wars in the series have no boundaries. The wars in the series end in part of the universe and then out of nowhere they restart in the other part doing unimaginable damage to the life of the innocents. Many participating in the war wanted to see the human race emerging but after a hard toil it looks impossible to the Emperor who was among the first ones to have a belief on the idea.

The little fights took the issue to the Great Crusade but it has kept the things hanging in the balance. People now have started forgetting the Crusade because it never bore the much needed results; Horus’ issue is no more a secret that should be kept away in the attic. David Annandale, John French, Graham McNeill, Dan Abnett and Gay Thrope are not taking us to another war rather they want to spread the message that this war has no limits. It will go on as long as there are two sides in this world i.e good and bad.

Saga of the Beast and War Without End had some hope for the warriors but this one gives a dejected feeling to all even the listeners could become pessimists about the progress of the series. Stephen Perring, John Banks, Steve Conlin and Toby Longworth have given energy to this unending war but the book appears below power in some chapters but not all of the matter is unattractive. There are some chapters in the book that you would like to go through again a second time.

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