He Who Fights with Monsters 8

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Most people like to listen to fictional stories these days because this category provides escapism from the real world. The real world has become boring for many people as it is full of anxiety and tension so going into another world with imagination involved is never a bad idea. Shirtaloon and Travis Deverell have the perfect imaginative skill for such stories and that is the sole reason why the number of fans has always increased for this series.

He Who Fights with Monsters 7 and He Who Fights with Monsters 2 cannot be ignored either because the storyline is the same which is continuing in the series. In this series, Jason was a normal human being until the day when he wakes up in a strange kind of world. The world is loaded with strange creatures that used to exist only in the imagination of Jason previously.

Now, meeting gods, goblins and elves is not a new thing for him that’s why the narrator Heath Miller has brought softness to the voice as compared to the previous parts because now Jason is not amazed by his situation. He has adjusted himself quite well in this scenario and he has a plan in his mind to take over with full force.

This is not the real world of flesh where he was an ordinary human being rather this world has allowed Jason to emerge as a hero. The weak look at him as a savior and he is going to prove that it is not a wrong notion at all. The monster has messed with the wrong human on this occasion because he is not running away rather he is going to make them run.

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    1. I have played an obscene number of RPGs and have fallen IN LOVE with this LitRPG! I see the plethora of requests for an update on book 7 and at the risk of spamming this thread – Does anyone have an update on the upload of book 7? Please 😀


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