Interesting Times


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    Book looks like a welcome to the wizard who is famous in the Discworld for his stupidity i.e Rincewind. Terry Pratchett paints this character as a stupid being all the time but in the end he saves the day for all. Mere accidents and good friends help him accomplish the targets but his inner will is also not ignorable.

    Rincewind makes a move against his enemy even when he knows fully about his incompetency against him. A whole war scene to face this time makes him feel awed first and then he forms the old team. Cohen the so called barbarian and the butterfly are with Rincewind for the mission. They all have to be careful because the wizard has a reputation of falling off the Discworld. War broke out in the empire after the publication of the research paper. The lower and the upper class started to develop an element of hate for one another and soon the sides were chosen and the daggers were drawn.

    Interesting Times

    Nigel Planer narrates the spread of destruction in highly dramatic way to show the intensity of the situation in which the trio has landed. Rincewind has accomplished success in Sourcery and Eric but it was his good luck, here perhaps the luck of a single being is not ample.

    Before landing in the battlefield Rincewind and his friends must find the one who is behind the publication of the whole material. After that they would be able to get to the bottom of the whole evil plot made against the old empire of the Discworld. The heroes pray this time for the Discworld because the chances of survival look quite dim.

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    1. Ones brother urged us to really give these many Discworld books a go,the pictures on the books put one off , But what a true treat , the unexpected humour is a really well done addition . The sadly deceased mr Pratchett had an exceptional mind to invent such as the many tales and characters he skilfully gave life , loved the many more ones read and look forward to those yet not , a very down to earth rare character who will live longly in the memory of many , love it guys , recommend for taking one away from the stresses of modern life , health and peace to y’all


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