Revelation Space


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    A journey to space and revelation of something historic is received as something to begin with at the starting novel that is bound to transform into a series. Amarantin civilization got perished and now even after nine hundred years there is no trace or hint as what become of that civilization. All people know about the civilization is that it was about to find something about the space flight and then it vanished with no clue.

    Revelation Space

    Now Dan Sylveste is bound to unveil the mysterious tale because the secret linked to it is so big that it could engulf everything if mankind is not fully prepared for it. The bondage with cyborg crew takes Sylveste closer to the secret behind the destruction of Amarantin he comes to know that danger is approaching and he was always under the radar. There is a force following him in order to stop him from discovering the truth behind the mystery.

    The Amarantin were in possession of something that could change the existence of the whole universe and this was the sole reason behind their destruction. Alastair Reynolds paves way for the next parts like Chasm City and House of Suns. The start is superb and horrifying at the same time, curiosity of the readers is aroused to the maximum level and it is unending because it is the main strength of the series.

    John Lee like always presents picture perfect voice with the help of his strong vocal cords and the expression that he possesses in his voice and gestures uttered through different sounds. Glorious to read but one book would not do a good turn you got to get through the whole series it is then you will feel the ride.

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