The Spear of Stars


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    The Spear of Stars: The Cycle of Galand, Book 5

    The two heroes fought hard in the fourth part but still in the end they lost the struggle and the unexpected did happen. Tanar Atain was taken under control by the White Lich and it spreads it deadly control to the neighboring areas very quickly. If things go on like this the whole world would be brought under the subjection of the Lich. Somehow Dante knows from the core of his heart that Lich’s next target would be Bressel.

    None can stand against such an evil alone and the states need an alliance this time that could be formed only when they leave all the differences behind. Edward W. Robertson has kept the story in contact with The Light of Life  and this has made it more impressive. The battle was lost by the humans but still people like Dante have the zeal to fight back with all the resources they are left with. Mallon and Narashtovik can be quite handy for Tanar Atain if they show readiness in forging the unlikely alliance.

    The Spear of Stars

    Blays and Gladdic the only friends Dante is left with know what is at stake and that’s why they are ready for a help. However once again this combined effort might not be enough against the mighty Lich that has an army of its own now.

    There is no way out but human race is not going down without a fight for which they try to find the legendary Spear of Stars. Tim Gerard Reynolds is better than ever in the narration of fight scenes that are ample in this fifth part of the fascinating series that is still making us feel it’s worth.

    The Spear of Stars  The Spear of Stars

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