The Light of Life

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“Out of the frying pan and into the fire” seems so true for the two friends who have been fighting against one evil force for a long time. Now when they think that they have got hold of that evil in the form of Gladdic they are informed that they have unleashed something worse.

Irony touches the peak as the two who wanted to save the land became the victims who have invoked the deadliest of the evil against it. Dante and Blays just wanted to bring Gladdic to justice and now they have White Lich to fight with. No one ever expected that such an evil will once again haunt the land of Tanar Atain and will try to eat up the whole population.

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Luckily one man has the idea to get rid of the evil and his name is Gladdic. The one who was wanted by the people of land now emerges with the only solution available.

Gladdic provides the information about the Lich that amazes everyone according to him Lich once had a body of its own. Moreover the body was a human body and it is still somewhere in the swamp. The buried body serves as a source of this evil and destroying the body would result in the eradication of the Lich too.

The solution is simple but things are not that easy as they seem to be in the first glance. Edward W. Robertson produces a gem in the shape of this fourth part that moves further to books like The Spear of Stars and What Lies Beyond.

The renowned Tim Gerard Reynolds has taken the job of the narrator quite seriously. Each word can be felt not only by the ear but the heart as well and this enhances the impact and sensation in the novel a lot more than the fans usually expect. Member Benefit

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    The Wound of the World

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