The Wound of the World

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    The Wound of the World is an epic science fiction fantasy. The book is 3rd installment in the marvelous and bestselling The Cycle of Galand Series. The series is written by Edward W. Robertson who is known as a skilled writer in fantasy and science fiction novels. He has written more than 40 novels so far where many of them were highly rated and widely read/ listened by book lovers. What Lies Beyond and The Cycle of Arawn are two of the best from the author that you should have a go at.

    The narration of The Wound of the World is done by Tim Gerard Reynolds. He is an experienced and highly skilled narrator and all this is reflected in his epic vocal performance in this audiobook.

    The Wound of the World

    Dante and Blays both have pushed Gladdic well away from the Collen Basin. However, the real victory might be long away still. The victory now might be only that of the first battle out of many. Having the land just at the verge of starvation and getting politically fractured, both Dante and Blays twisted in order to secure a few things. Those things include food for Collen, the allies and the borders as well. Before their work is finished, there were many rumors that arrived straight from Mallan. The news are that the enemy is all set for making another attack.

    Even if it is possible for Collen to go about weathering the upcoming storm, there is still no guarantee that their independence would last for about a year. During a raid made at the border, Dante got the information that Gladdic has left for the shadowy realm of Tanar Atain. This place was home of the Andrac.

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