The Silver Thief


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    Edward W. Robertson is a highly charismatic and a prolific writer. He has written a number of excellent short fiction stories, which made their way in a number of anthologies and magazines. Many of his successful literary ventures have been fantasies and science fictions. Some of the most renowned books from the author are What Lies Beyond and The Sealed Citadel.

    The Silver Thief is an epic science fiction fantasy novel. The book is the 2nd installment in the super engaging The Cycle of Galand Series. Tim Gerard Reynold sis the voice behind this audiobook. As per the many reviews and feedbacks, the performance of the narrator has been par excellence.

    In Silver Thief, Dante Galand is found with the cure of the diseases that had trapped him on the isolated island. It is time for him to leave and then kill a priest. The target person of Dante Galand is Gladdic of Bressel, Gladdic. He is the person who actually executed a friend of Dante Galand. The name of the friend is Captain Twill, who is also a pirate. He is the one who imprisoned the Plague Islands and his visions of having an empire are far away from being over.

    The Silver Thief

    But Gladdic at his end is skilled in both of the ether and nether. It also includes a specific darker magic, which Dante could have ever known about. He is actually the most dangerous enemy that Dante has ever faced. In any case, if Dante Galand falls then the entire kingdom would fell with him. Things were really getting series for Dante and quite challenging. Will he be able to find a solution?


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    2 thoughts on “The Silver Thief”

    1. This series is fabulous , just fantastic. You can’t put it down & if you try to listen to it as you fall asleep you will end up looking at the clock & it will suddenly be 4am. You must listen to it starting with the first book or not only will you be missing out on a back story that is breath taking but you will be totally lost & have zero context for what’s happening in the story line & why. 5 stars!


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