The Red Sea


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    Edward W. Robertson is a young Los Angeles based writer who was born in 1982. The author has mainly tried his writing in fantasy and science fiction and has been quite successful with man of her novels written so far. If a couple of his best novels need to be mentioned then What Lies Beyond and The Cycle of Arawn would make an easy fit for the audience.

    The Red Sea is an epic science fiction fantasy. The book is a chapter out of a saga with the name of The Cycle of Galand Series. It is the opening chapter of the series and became an instant hit soon after it got published. Even in its audio format, it has been listened and reviewed by a large number of fantasy book lovers. The narration of this novel is its strongest part. It is because of Tim Gerard Reynolds who is one of the finest narrators in business. He managed to make this audiobook sound truly awesome.

    The Red Sea

    The story in this novel is about Dante Galand. When he was just a little boy then his dad, Larsin sailed far away for the sake of making his fortune. But, he never returned back. Since that incident, Dante has become an excellent sorcerer. He actually became a ruler or may be a destroyer of kings. He has just learned the fact that his dad is living somewhere on an isolated island. He is dying there due to a mysterious plague. Dante along with his friends set off on the journey to the mysterious isolated island. His magic could do nothing for his father there. But, will he be able to find the cure for his dad?

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    1 thought on “The Red Sea”

    1. I beg of you to upload the rest of this series. I have a 8 month old baby so reading has been over for me & will continue to be that way until I start homeschooling him, audio books are my refuge but having a baby means you’re broke & can’t afford to burn through a $30. Book every 3 days. I so appreciate you uploading all these books.
      This series is incredible & the characters are so well fleshed out that its as if you know them. You can picture the lands they walk as if you’re there. Just excellent.
      So if you can find & upload the rest of this series I would deeply appreciate it.
      Also PLEASE upload book 14 of the Spellmonger series!! Dear God please!


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