The Gatekeepers


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    Duty of the Gatekeepers just never ends in this new world of humans, in each part of the series Dean and Mary are found with their lives on the line. A suicidal mission ended in success and Magnus along with Natalia are now out of trouble.

    For Dean it’s time to cherish the success that he has achieved in his latest mission. Duty calls the poor guy again to the portals that are falling without any reason. The falling of portals means that the rest of the Gatekeepers are now trapped behind the doors forever.

    Nathan Hystad always does the same trick with his favorite character; he makes Dean successful in one mission and throws him in another trap the very next moment. It is the eighth part with the same pattern but the series is still a hit because of the strong plot that the author develops. Stepwise progress takes place in the story and things speed up towards the climax making every part a hit item among the fans. Two characters that are serving Dean in this mission are Karo and Ableen, the two reminds us about the youth of Dean and Mary.

    The Gatekeepers

    One thing is clear that Nathan is trying to find a replacement for the two old battle axes. The Theos and Old Enemy had supporting characters but they were never like these too.

    Also the deals that the team makes in order to survive and save the rest will surely have its consequences in the future of mankind. Narrator Marc Vietor started his job in the previous part and has very quickly achieved fame among the old listeners. Marc has adjusted himself very nicely in the groove and it looks like he prepared well before all of this.

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