The Oathbound


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    More of an introduction for the villain and the hero side and still the novel is attractive because the use of words for the description of chivalry is extraordinary. Mercedes Lackey opens the book and the series with bloodshed which means that it will end in bloodshed too. Tarma the member of the Hawk clan was living a peaceful life among her other family members when all of a sudden hell was unleashed.

    Not even a single member of her clan survived the brutal killing except her and thus she took an oath to eradicate the one who committed the crime. The task was not easy because the devil behind it was more powerful than any other person on the planet. Becoming one of the sword-sworn was the fate that Tarma herself adopted and thus after hard training she started her journey towards the enemy’s territory.

    The Oathbound

    On her way she met another girl named Kethry whose bad luck once squeezed her like a lemon but now she is a sorceress and one thing more she has a sword. Kethry’s magical sword took her to Tarma and now both take an oath to fight the dark one together. Though the book is enjoyable but it will never make any sense unless and until Oathbreakers and Oathblood are listen to the end.

    The whole trilogy is connected and the narrator Christa Lewis does not launch an aggressive style in the first part because it was more about the suffering of the two ladies and now it’s payback time. From their looks they are not ready to show mercy and their association to one another is unquestionable.

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