Gaslight Murders (Books 1-21)


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    A rather long series of murders composed by Victoria Thompson still proves to be one of the best one it comes to historical mysteries and an element of murders too as you can see in Murder in the Bowery- IN CHAPTERS Gaslight Mystery No 20 – Victoria Thompson. Gaslight Murders series starts with Sarah Brandt’s discovery of a girls’ murder that is killed without any clues and the family because of its fame want to hide the crime scene in order to save themselves from any sort of scandal.

    Sarah because of having family connection with the family and the girl takes the task for herself and thus starts her first case relating to a mysterious murder. The murder mysteries that Sarah solves are mostly related to girls and especially those who are engaged in the colorful city life with lot of friends and all of them as usual are men with the gentleman tag.

    Gaslight Murders (Books 1-21)

    The tragic thing about these murders is that no one really cares about the murders of such girls as it most of the time proves to be their own fault because of which they suffer such a fate. We observe not only brutal killing but there are hideous plans that Sarah reveals behind most of the murders and each time she investigates a murder she raises a new point which usually detectives leave unnoticed in most of the cases.

    Detective Frank Molly is also another character that help things in most of the cases that Sarah deals. There are two narrators used in the series Callie Beaulieu and Suzanne Toren, the narration is fine though a little dull at times but overall it is a job properly done by the narrators and there is no weakness of any sort in the narration.       

    Book 2:

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    1. I started listening to this series and found that the last chapter (possibly more) is missing from the first few books. Also, the 2nd book in the series is not there either. I only listened to books 1, 3, and 4, and they all are missing the last chapter, which is very frustrating as that resolves the entire mystery!


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