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    Mystery aroused from simple humor has been the key point of Denise Swanson’s series of these six books and Scumble River Series – Denise Swanson. The narration by Maia Guest is also a treat to listen for the listeners who want to enter the world of mystery created by the writer.

    The story is about Dev Sinclair who purchases an old fashioned shop in a small town but this is just the beginning of momentous happening that form the whole of the series. The shop becomes an attractive point for murders all the time. Each time she tries to run the business in a cool and calm way there is a murder on the doorstep of her shop that she had to deal with.

    Devereaux’s Dime Store

    Also the love life of Dev is a big question mark as she is unable to decide between Jake Del and Noah Underwood. She is torn apart in deciding between them for her future life. The story becomes more complex when she takes a chocolate from Elise Whitmore and later he is found dead in front of her shop. Moreover Boone the best friend is arrested because he was found close to the dead body Dev tries her best to clear his name from the list of the suspicious people.

    The series continues in the same fashion we see one murder after the other. Dev opens her shop for the reading group but this result in attacks on the reader’s poetry and then again this poet is found dead outside the shop. The mystery of murders haunts the series throughout and each time the pattern is totally different than the previous one.

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