Amelia Peabody (Books 1-20)

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    These twenty books by Elizabeth Peters have all the things you can imagine or think of in the world of books or fictional stories. There are curses related to good or bad luck and also things linked with historical events from the real world and through most of the work is fictional still there are a kind of life and energy in it that cannot be neglected at any rate.

    Amelia Peabody the adventure lover moves from one mission to another and most of her adventures are not like tasks that are assigned to her, rather she herself accepts challenges and then they turn into adventures of a lifetime. She possesses are the fortune that her father left thus no one can stop her from doing with her life what she wants. The series starts with curses of course that are linked with mummies and the dead Pharaohs that follow her every now and then.

    Amelia Peabody (Books 1-20)

    The writer even provides us with a touch of romance in these horrible situations that make the intensity of the curses a bit less and the stories could be enjoyed by children as well. You can start enjoying from the start Crocodile on the Sandbank (Amelia Peabody #1) – Elizabeth Peters and also enjoy listening to the Amelia Peabody Egyptian Mysteries Complet – Elizabeth Peters.

    Also toward the third book of the series, Amelia is married and she along with her husband became so popular with curses that they were called the “father of curses” as whereever they go curses and exceptional happenings follow.

    The series could also be termed as a travelogue as the whole thing is full of journeys and adventures that happen at a new place all the time. Barbara Rosenblat has narrated the whole series and has done an exceptionally good job in completing a rather tough job.  

    The Amelia Peabody Series, Book 1 ( Updated ) 


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