Split Second


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    It takes a split second to change the big scenario into a catastrophe; this is what happens to the two best agents on the job. The first who got the sting was Sean King who saw a presidential candidate dying in front of him when he was there to protect him. King never failed in any of the missions before that and he was supposed to be the best in the department but this single careless day made him lose a lot or perhaps everything including his dignity. No one after that bothered to look into the causes of the killing rather everyone was ready to mock King. Almost a decade has now passed and the story of King now vanishes from the memories.

    Split Second

    For Michelle Maxwell, the story becomes reality once again. The same thing happens to her during duty when the presidential candidate gets abducted when she misses him from sight for a single moment.  Maxwell instead of going to rescues the presidential candidate comes to King because she thinks the two cases are somehow linked. The girl thinks that she can save the victim this time if King helps her in the investigation. The two plan to meet the witnesses of the old crime scene but each one is found dead on the door front.

    King now believes that Maxwell was right in her prediction about the criminal. David Baldacci’s heroes in this first book of the series come to know about the world of crime in a new way. Giving time to Daylight and Zero-Day after this would not be wise because this series is long and one listening to it will not have time for the rest of the author’s works for a very long time. If you have other books by the same author then just listen to them for a while and then come back to Scott Brick’s narration.

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