New Horizon


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Just as suspected, Dean’s role is lacking a bit in this one because Nathan Hystad is fueling the series with new faces now. Humans, who were once thrown out of their world, now gain knowledge about the alien technology. First vessel has been created by the humans and they name it Horizon. All that is left to be done is a final test and for this purpose the team of scientists needs a volunteer.

Magnus request is accepted and he becomes the head of this newly designed state of the art ship. Dean also wanted the post as he has been the top guy for the people of the new world but he gets a second position this time. All his life in missions that we saw in The Theos and Old Enemy, Dean has been a savior for the people of the earth.

He just cannot believe that Magnus is preferred for this gigantic job but still he serves willingly. During the voyage the team reaches a space station that none of them has seen before and by the looks of it the scene is not friendly at all. New enemy becomes visible and it is all set up for war, a war that will snatch everything from the entire galaxy.

New Horizon

Working as a single unit the team stands strongly against these new invaders who have everything in their grasp. Role of each character gets the strong voice of Marc Vietor that is winning the hearts of the fans worldwide. Marc has introduced the invaders with the same style as well which according to some critics was not appropriate. Some change was required to keep a difference between the hero and the villain side.


The Gatekeepers

Old World


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