Demigod: Monster Slayer


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    Saga just goes on to becomes more interesting, not the story but the description of the scenes are captivating but again it is adult material only. The audience knows completely that Sam is given the duty to bring back the hearts of three goddesses after that his task would be over and perhaps they would be kind enough to drop him back.

    But Sam himself has become more of a heart stealing warrior now and though he is not thinking at this stage about his fate after winning but at later stages perhaps this thing will come into play. Becoming an average jobless man might not be digestible for Sam after the finale of the game. Warrior: Monster Slayer and Protector: Monster Slayer talked about the rise in levels but here he has reached to the potential of a demigod.

    That’s why when he hears the news of the shadow monsters emerging from the underworld he is not afraid. Sam is so much confident at this stage that he is not even planning for the fight he wants raw fight on the battlefield so that the true power of the warriors from both sides is judged accurately.

    Demigod: Monster Slayer

    In the days when Sam used to play such games while sitting on his couch he was of the same aggressive kind in his mind and now he gets the chance to act. The narrator Soren Gray is ready to finish the saga in style and it is his style that has kept novel alive in the minds of the fans in a sensational way. Soren’s favorite has been the fight scenes and no doubt these are hot favorites among the fans.

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