Warrior: Monster Slayer

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Sam Ryder has not bothered using any other name; the author has used his own name for the primary character the rest is of course not linked to author’s own life. Sam Ryder in the story is an ordinary programmer with a craze for the computer games. He plays these games mostly for catharsis purpose because in those games he is able to perform things that he actually cannot perform in real life.

Now after losing his job he gets nothing else in mind except to play the computer game for a while. Just when he sets the remote a lady from the game just comes in the real world and takes him with her into the game world. First the whole thing looks like an illusion to him but then the monsters and the fights change Sam’s approach about the world.

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He knows that he has to save the goddesses and himself and after every while or so he will get a chance to level up in the game. He is not the same man anymore as his body is that of an avatar now who is fully skilled to fight and satisfy the goddesses around. Soren Gray narrates passionately but the material is for the adults only, not only the love scenes but even the fights scenes are not for the kids. God: Monster Slayer and Demigod: Monster Slayer are not actually the parts they can be named as the others levels of the game in which Sam lands after he gets a bike ride known as the death machine.

The span of the story is not limited so it is quite possible that it will not end on a trilogy because the game has a lot to offer.

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