Gathering Prey


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    “Travelers” are usually the people who wander here and there according to their will and the one thing they don’t do is to harm people even when they want to. These harmless people come to Davenport’s territory in their causal routine tour and then the sinister plot against them is unleashed. It is obvious that someone was waiting for them to come to the city and now he has started to kill them one after the other.

    But why someone would do this to a bunch of people who have no roots anywhere and have never done ill to anybody. After a very long time we once again hear about Lucas Davenport’s adopted daughter the one who was introduced in Naked Prey and we know that she is his precious doll. Letty gets a phone call from a woman whom she befriends during her visit to another city. Now she needs Letty’s help because someone is killing her friends who are Travelers like her, she too could be the next on the list.

    Gathering Prey

    There is also another issue that makes her the prime target i.e she knows who the killer is and why is he doing all this. John Sandford creates a new story in the same surrounding with the same characters every time, still no sign of boredom ever emerged on the scene. The books are loaded with fan favorite material and temptation is irresistible when it appears dished up with Richard Ferrone’s voice. This story in particular takes Davenport beyond his jurisdiction and still he shows readiness to follow the ideas of his daughter who is with him on a mission for the first time in life. He does not want to disappoint his daughter who has firm faith in the talent of his father.

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