Extreme Prey


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    Following the ideas of his daughter Lucas Davenport went beyond his boundaries in Gathering Prey and for the first time in life he was forced to pay heavily for his deeds. The old timer does not regret any of it because it was his decision to back his daughter up as a father and as the number one investigator in the region.

    At the start of the novel it is informed in the heavy voice of Richard Ferrone, the narrator that Davenport is not with Minnesota BCA anymore. He served for year in the department and the city and now no one was ready to back him up and the strong man in him does not need the support from anyone. He stands tall once again among the rest by not letting his dignity down in front of his friends. The governor has been his old chum and now he wants Davenport in the presidential campaign not for any hectic task but just for the sake of fun. Old friendship makes Davenport falls for the offer and he was also in a need of a time out after the tragedy of his career.

    Extreme Prey

    Soon threats to the governor make everyone around him alarmed because the threats are of serious nature. Someone wants the governor dead before the campaign gets further hype. The issue is political of course as the man never had any rivalry with anyone in his life before.

    The killer is so serious about the job that he is ready to eradicate anyone who tries to stand in the way of his target. John Sandford makes Davenport a useless thing at the beginning and then the hero in him remerges after the mid mark.

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